Research & Human Trials Update

As we continue to advance our understanding of Vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (VEDS) and seek effective treatments, it’s crucial to stay updated on the progress of ongoing human trials. Here are the latest developments in two key trials that hold promise for our community: 

Celiprolol Trial Update: 

In a significant industry development, Acer Therapeutics was acquired by Florida-based Zevra Therapeutics, a company committed to developing treatments for rare conditions. This transition includes the integration of the celiprolol trial. As a result of these changes, the planned re-opening of enrollment for this study, initially scheduled for Fall 2023, is now delayed. We understand the importance of this trial to many in our community, and we commit to providing you with any new timelines and steps as soon as information becomes available. 

Enzastaurin Trial Status: 

The enzastaurin trial, overseen by Aytu Biopharma, which focuses on innovative solutions for significant medical needs, is currently facing a delay. Enrollment for the trial has not yet opened due to funding challenges. Aytu Biopharma estimates a requirement of around $21 million to support the trial comprehensively. They are actively exploring various strategies, including partnerships, to secure the necessary funding. We recognize the potential impact of this trial and are closely monitoring its progress. 

A New Year, New Insights: Upcoming Research Update and Q&A with Dr. Hal Dietz 

In early January, we are pleased to present a written research update from Dr. Hal Dietz, focusing on the latest advancements in VEDS research, particularly involving mouse models. Following this, we’ll offer a live, virtual Q&A session with Dr. Dietz, scheduled for late January or early February, with the exact date yet to be confirmed. Community members will receive the written research update first, allowing you time to review it thoroughly. You’ll have the opportunity to submit questions for Dr. Dietz throughout the month leading up to the live session, ensuring a rich and engaging discussion. Stay tuned for registration details and prepare to participate actively in this enlightening event.